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What is Laser Dentistry?

Laser Dentistry is the use of modern specialized lasers to perform many dental treatments. As an investment to your health and comfort, Loft 19 Dental makes use of the Fotona’s Lightwalker® laser. Due to the advanced technology and design, our dentists are able to reduce the pain associated with regular dentistry.

What Treatments Can Dental Lasers be Used For?

With the Fotona Lightwalker® laser, Loft 19 Dental is able to perform a wide variety of treatments to get your pearly whites to be as healthy and beautiful as can be.

  • Fillings and cavity preparations with little or no freezing involved
  • Composite, Crown and Veneer material removal
  • Minimally invasive root canal treatment
  • Salvaging failing implants and treatment of infections around implants
  • Treatment of infections in the mouth
  • Surgeries in the mouth with little to no bleeding
  • Deep cleaning and advanced teeth whitening
  • Anti-snoring laser treatment with Fotona NightLase®

What Are the Benefits of Using a Dental Laser

Lasers provide many advantages over other forms of treatment. The major difference is accuracy and precision. With lasers, our dentists have exact control over the tool and the administration of the procedure.

By using lasers, we may not even need to use anaesthesia or use a drill! This allows us to give you the most comfortable and relaxing dental experience possible. Further, without having to introduce drills and needles, the laser is inherently cleaner and reduces the amount of bacteria introduced during the procedures.

How Dangerous Are Dental Lasers?

The main risk and danger of using a dental laser is inadequate training. Luckily our staff are highly trained to correctly set the wavelength, properly operate the tool, and have specialized knowledge for giving the various treatments.

At Loft 19 Dental We Use the Fotona Lightwalker®

The Fotona Lightwalker® AT S model is the most advanced high-performance dental laser. With state of the art design, engineering and technology, the Fotona Lightwalker® is the world’s fastest cutting laser. In terms of speed and precision, it outperforms any dental drills while simultaneously offering a wide range of highly effective hard- and soft-tissue treatments.

How Does the Fotona Lightwalker® Work?

The Fotona Lightwalker® uses an advanced laser-beam delivery system to enhance the precision and performance of each laser treatment for optimal clinical efficacy. Two different lasers are delivered in the treatment. They are the Er:YAG (Erbium YAG laser) and Nd:YAG (Neodymium YAG laser) which, when combined, delivers the most complete, advanced dental laser system.

If you would like to know more information on the Fotona Lightwalker®, click here.

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