General Dentistry

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Overview of Loft 19 Dental’s General Services

  • Fillings
  • Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Root Canals
  • Dentures



When there is decay, a crack, or missing sections from the enamel on your tooth, fillings are one of the best ways to seamlessly fix the tooth. At Loft 19 Dental, we strive to create a filling that both looks amazing and leaves your tooth as strong as if it were new.

We offer high quality composite which is the white filling material that is placed into the teeth. This office is amalgam-free which means we don’t place any mercury silver fillings.


Do you have a large section of decaying or cracked teeth? Your best option will likely be a crown. Crowns (sometimes also called caps) protect teeth that need more support than offered by a simple filling.

We offer different material crowns.

Zirconia crowns are one of the toughest crown materials made up of white metal material that can match with your tooth colour shades.

Gold crowns are an option and are most compatible with your natural teeth when they bite. Gold crowns are usually done in the back part of your mouth for aesthetic reasons.

Porcelain-fused-metal crowns are metallic crowns underneath with an outer layer of porcelain to match the shade of your natural tooth colour. All-ceramic crowns are the most realistic looking of all teeth and can be matched with your teeth at the front of your mouth.

All-ceramic crowns are the most realistic looking of all crown material and can be matched with your teeth at the front of your mouth.


If there is an entire missing tooth, you might want to get a bridge. By using the neighbouring teeth around the missing tooth, a false tooth is anchored where the gap from the missing tooth is.

The Key to Maintaining Long-term Restored Teeth

Aftercare is the real key to keeping your amazing smile shining. Once the restoration is complete, daily maintenance will ensure that your brilliant teeth stay strong and healthy. Our staff will guide you through the simple steps to properly maintain your restored teeth.

What Do I Do if My Teeth Are Beyond Repair?

In some cases, there may be too much tooth decay and damage to repair the tooth. Often times the next steps may be to either extract the tooth or get an implant. The decision between the two is best decided after a consultation and to be performed by the best dental professional.

Root Canal

There are 3 layers to your tooth: the Enamel, the Dentin, and the Pulp. Root Canals are a method to restore a tooth that has damage (usually from deep decay/crack) to its deepest layer, the pulp.


A root canal is done by first removing infected and injured pulp tissue inside the roots and crown of a tooth. After it is cleaned, your dentist at Loft 19 Dental disinfects and fills the tooth in order to give it structure and stability. Finally, the tooth needs to be sealed and shaped to give you an amazing final result.

A root canal treated tooth, once completed often becomes brittle over time. That’s why most often after a root canal is completed, a full coverage crown is usually placed around the tooth to protect it and prolong the life of the tooth.


Dentures are a way to replace teeth and gums when they have been lost or removed. They replicate the existing structure of your mouth and provide you with a like-new smile.

Types of Dentures

Full Dentures

Full dentures replace either the entire top, entire bottom, or both sections of your teeth and gums. These are commonly called false teeth. There are actually 3 types of full dentures:

  1. Immediate Dentures
    Are made before your teeth are removed. We measure and attempt to recreate the gum and tooth structure you naturally have.
  2. Conventional Dentures
    Are made after your teeth have been removed.
  3. Implant-supported Dentures/Overdenture
    Removable dentures that are attached to underlying dental implants. The implants are equipped with special attachments that “click” into your upper and/or lower denture, locking them firmly in place. It is different than conventional dentures, which rest on the gum tissue. Implant-supported dentures give the dentures increased amounts of stability, making them more comfortable, and improving the quality of lifestyle. For example, eating and everyday functioning.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures replace sections of missing tooth and gums. These are used instead of bridges in the cases that you are missing multiple teeth or the bridge needs a bit more support.

Denture Care

Although we can create aesthetically pleasing dentures, they still are not as strong as a natural tooth. Proper care and maintenance is always a good choice. Usually, a set of dentures will last 5 years and should be replaced in that time.