Cosmetic Dental Services

Experience comfort and care with our highly trained professionals.

Service Overview

Slight imperfections can often make a big difference when it comes to your smile. At Loft 19 Dental we correct stains, chips, and other minor imperfections with some cosmetic services.

Two of the cosmetic options that Loft 19 Dental provides are:

  • Zoom!® Teeth Whitening
  • Veneers

Zoom!® Teeth Whitening

What is the first thing you notice when you meet someone new?

Their Smile

A healthy bright smile makes for a memorable first impression. At Loft 19 Dental, we want you to have the best and healthiest smile you possibly can.

At our office in Mount Pleasant, we use Zoom! Zoom is a revolutionary method for safe and fast tooth whitening. With Zoom! We can help whiten your teeth in as little as one visit!

How Does Zoom! Work?

The first step is to come in for a consultation. Our dental practitioners want to ensure that we use the right product and service for the right outcome. We will determine the best course of action as well as a check-up on your oral health.

After that, your Loft 19 practitioner will apply a gel to your lips and gums for protection.

Finally the Zoom! gel is applied and activated by the special light. The gel penetrates deep in the enamel of your tooth giving you a robust and deep cleanse.

The process only takes about an hour, where you can sit back, relax, and listen to the radio or watch tv.


Veneers are a layer of material glued over a tooth, kind of like a fake nail placed over a fingernail. Veneers can improve the aesthetics of your smile by masking an actual tooth’s colour, shape, or positioning in the mouth. There are two types of material used to fabricate a veneer: composite and dental all-ceramic porcelain.

How Do Veneers Work?

The selected teeth are shaved along the front surface of the tooth. Gooey-like impressions are then taken of your mouth and then sent off to the lab to make your veneer. About one week later, you come back for another dental visit to permanently glue the veneer onto your tooth.